The Only Tour Guide in Israel

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Robby is the only tour guide in Israel who...
- is a Harvard graduate
- a stand-up comic
- speaks Arabic, Hebrew & English Fluently


"Robby was hilarious and educational at the same time! Both the adults and the children loved him!"
Jeff Goldstein

"I have been to Tel Aviv and Jaffa a million times so I could not believe how much I learned from Robby's full-day walking tour from Jaffa to Tel Aviv. I can't believe I walked by all these things before without noticing them."
Michael Stern, Australia

"We spent a full hour exploring just Jaffa Gate. I have walked through Jaffa Gate a thousand times going to the Kotel and I never knew of all the history there."
Sara Green, London

"As an Orthodox Jew I never really had any interest in seeing the Christian and Muslim Quarter. Robby showed me what I was missing."
Dina Weiss, LA


Robert Berman is a graduate of Harvard University (MPA), Baruch College (MBA), Yeshiva University (BA), Gruss Kollel and Yeshivat Hakotel. As a journalist, Robby has been published in New York Magazine, the Harvard Review, the Los Angeles Times, the Tablet, Ha’aretz, the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Week, Moment Magazine, the Times of Israel, and the Jerusalem Report. As a TV news correspondent, Robby appears on i24 News and RT and works with SKY NEWS. 

Robby wrote two books:

1. What Happens if I Miss a Kaddish: The Origin, Development and Putative Efficacy of Mourners' Kaddish
2. Min Taq Taq: A Collection of Arabic Idioms and Expressions in the Palestinian dialect

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