Prison Cell Workout Cards

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Enclosed are 80 pictures of exercises and explanations of hard core exercises that can build muscles, make you look ripped and allow you to lose weight.

Prisoners don't always have access to the prison yard to work out and even if they do there are many more prisoners than there are benches and weights. Now prisoners can work out 24-hours-a-day from the safety of their own cell using their own body weight and these cards.

Beside pushups and sit-ups, it's hard to remember all the exercises. These exercise cards show you the picture and name of the exercise with a suggested number of repetitions or time to hold the position.

Research shows that people that work out every day for 20 minutes, getting their heart rate up, will reduce by 30% their chance for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. If you don't have time to go the gym every day, then Self-Fit exercise cards are for you.

Research shows that people stop using exercise apps because they are on the phone - i.e. out of sight out of mind. You also cannot easily give someone an app as a gift. But you can give Self-Fit exercise cards as a gift.

As always, check with your physician before you embark on any strenuous course of exercise. Make sure to be fully hydrated before you work out. The number of repetitions and the amount of seconds to hold a position on the cards are suggestions only. If you feel weak or faint or something hurts, stop the exercise as soon as possible and seek medical attention.