To learn how to speak a language you need to know its idioms and expressions. You can learn grammar in a classroom and vocabulary from a dictionary but idioms are hard to come by. Usually people pick them up on the street catch as catch can (this is an idiomatic expression), meaning in a haphazard unstructured way.

Min Taq Taq is a book that translates over 1,800 Arabic idioms & expressions in the Palestinian dialect. This collection of Arabic idioms and expressions is an efficient and effective way to learn how to speak Arabic fluently.

The book includes transliteration so even if you don't read Arabic you can say the Arabic words. (Please note: there are two versions of the book; Arabic to English and Arabic to Hebrew.)

"Min Taq Taq is excellent! It is the most outstanding collection of Arabic idioms I have ever seen!"
Eran Zinger, journalist on Arabic affairs for Channel 1 TV in Israel.